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Mike Matusow is no doubt one of the top poker players today. Since the game of poker has overtaken other casino games, and has boomed in the past decade, and turned into literally "the" thing to either watch or partake in withing the gambling world, Play Online Poker many people have gravitated toward it, whilst poker greats such as Matusow, as well as many other players from different backgrounds and walks of life have taken poker by storm and have risen to put a face on on the game.

Mike Matusow is one of the most recognized and respected professional players to hit the poker scene in a long time. Matusow was born on the day of April 30, 1968. The birthplace that he comes from is Los Angeles, California. When he took an interest in knowing more about the game of poker and and all of the possibilities that could come from getting involved in the game, he knew that it was game time and that it was time to get serious about it in order to be able to have a chance to make it to the top and create a name for himself - the time had come to say good bye to the bingo sites (because bingo is not poker!) and move on to bigger things! Not only would doing this literally bring about a new challenge, a new way of life for him and those around him that he loved, but also a different way of looking at things and setting a standard that many players in the game can in fact look forward to going up against in the future.

Over the years, Matusow has shown everyone that he is a more than worthy opponent to have to face and that if someone wants something bad enough, dreams really can be accomplished with enough hard work and effort put in. As time passed. Mike knew that he had to get better at playing online poker and being the best that there was - this way, he could climb his way to the top. Even through difficult and seemingly impossible times, Matusow had still managed to rake in the prizes and pots that would soon shoot him up into poker star status quicker than anyone could probably even imagine. From the very beginning of his career, he would literally rake up the wins and take pots in order to gain the huge pots that awaited the winner.

On his journey, Mike has had the pleasure and has been fortunate enough to be in the presence of and befriend, as well play against other well known professional poker players that have come up in the ranks and earned their place in poker history. So far, he has earned at least 3 WSOP bracelets and is on his way to earning more. As far as his financial portfolio is concerned, Matusow has banked in more than four million dollars from live tournaments, but has lost a lot of it back to live blackjack, attempts to play roulette at Golden Riviera Casino and drugs. (Online blackjack for money is the alternative to the old game called "21" that was widely popular in France. Today this card game takes the second place after poker in the top gambling list.) Even knowing that, though, Mike Matusow is a player on the scene that everyone should look out for and maybe even learn a thing or two from as well. He is one of the many players to come along and add to the game - but he will not be the last.